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All courses include a variety of lectures, laboratory exercises – where possible, coupled with some “inverted classroom” exercises. All courses include projects focused on developing critical thinking skills. Courses taught on a regular basis are as follows.

CAE345: Environmental Laboratory and Analysis, 3 credits

Catalog Description. Laboratory-based course focusing on the analysis of environmental samples including water, wastewater, air, and solids. Basic analytical techniques and quality control are also included as well as an introduction to advanced analytical measurements.

CAE541: Engineering Systems for Disease Control and Bioremediation, 3 credits

Catalog Description. Classification of microorganisms. Microbial agents of infectious diseases and modes of disease transmission. Control of pathogens through water and waste treatment, food protection, and insect control. Microbial ecology and bioremediation systems. Laboratory exercises in microbiology.

CAE340: Introduction to Environmental Engineering, 3 credits

Catalog Description. Environmental mass and energy balances, introduction to environmental chemistry, air pollution, water pollution, sustainable solid waste management, risk assessment, and global atmospheric change are discussed.